Rogmo on Cooking

Here’s a little background.

I’m the youngest of four kids. When I was the last one at home I began cooking dinner a lot of the time for when my parents would get off work. I enjoyed cooking and had a few “specialties” that I really liked to cook, like hash browns, lasagna and my family’s version of goulash.

I soon served an LDS mission, where I usually did most of the cooking in the companionships.

As long as i can remember I’ve always enjoyed cooking – even when it was just scrambled eggs. I loved when they would turn out just right – which increases the satisfaction of the cooking process even more.

Also, I think I was raised in the generation where food equal love. And when I’m cooking, it’s usually for the ones I love, so you want it to be extra good, and not plain old food.

Throughout our marriage, I have done most of the cooking. NOT because Julie isn’t a good cook, but because I just enjoy cooking. (cleaning, however,…..not so much!)

Last year we started a garden. It was fun finding new ways to add more fruits and vegetables to our foods – which started igniting the “creative cooking” phase.

Then recently I took a Dutch oven cooking class. I’ve cooked with Dutch ovens before, but it has been years! So that really ignited the fun of cooking with using Dutch ovens to accomplish it. Cast iron has become my new favorite cookware, and I use the on the stove, in the oven, and outside with charcoal briquettes.

I still have a ton to learn with Dutch oven cooking, but I’m not so worried about all the “what if’s” of Dutch oven cooking. If you’re one of those who wonders what good recipe they can try in a Dutch oven, I’d say “almost ANY recipe that you like, you can do in a Dutch!”

Another thing that has been fun is Bountiful Baskets. It’s a co-op who buys a good variety of fruits and veggies that you get for $15. It would cost a lot more if you were buying it at the store, and then you get the challenge of finding ways to use it all.

Thank goodness for the Internet and some awesome iPhone apps! They make it so easy to get ideas for how to use a certain ingredient, or starter ideas for how to accomplish a main dish etc. Now they do have full recipes of course, but I usually end up getting a few ideas and then just winging it. (a few of my former teachers may be saying “THIS is what we meant by ‘Doesn’t follow instructions well’!” :-)

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